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Ville de BUHL
72, rue Florival
68530 BUHL

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 Art & history


Enjoy the discovering of an architectural, religious and pictorial, industrial, wine-growing and quarry exploitation heritage.

The Alsace 's rich and tumultuous past left several marks in our valley. Buhl 's history is the history of all the Florival, with its auspicious and peaceful days with industrial growth, but also war times and various crisis.

Buhl was born between the 7th and 8th centuries et became an estate of Murbach'abbey, masterpiece of the 12th century Norman road.

The Hugstein castle, dating from 1236, dominates the village and protected the abbey's entrance.

The older part of our city is gathered around our church, on the top of a hill, from which comes the village's name, Buhele in 1131, german name of Buckel.

The church keeps in its nave, a historical and pictorial masterpiece of a rare beauty, The Retable, dating from the 15th century and probably coming from the old Catherinnettes'convent of Colmar.This Retable is part since 1841 of The Historical Masterpieces of Alsace.

Buhl is also the home land of some famous men:
-The René and Maurice Koechlin brothers, respectively producer of the Alsace Canal and producer of the Eiffel tower plans.
-Alexandre Bida, a 19th century painter and illustrator.

Inside the town hall, at the ground floor, recovering an entire wall, we discover a shimmering fresco, true colour festival.The Murbach's painter, Jean-Paul Koenig redrew throughout an historical and poetical fiction the life of a happy village, our Buhl.

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